What is The Arts Society

The  Arts Society (originally NADFAS) was started in 1968 by Patricia Fay. It has now expanded to 335 societies in the UK, 10 elsewhere in Europe, 27 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. With 90,000 members worldwide, The Arts Society works towards promoting and preserving the arts.

The individual societies are independent and organise their own programme of monthly lectures and visits on a wide range of decorative and fine arts subjects by lecturers who are approved by The Arts Society.

The Arts Society's concerns include voluntary work to maintain historic buildings, recording churches and their contents, working towards developing the arts for the young, and maintaining lecture programmes and tours for members.
To find out more, look at The Arts Society web-site

For further information on all Visits please contact Janice Brooke 0208 856 7271 & 07910 342683